Online Certificate in Cultural Competency (CME)

12 courses

11 May 2020



The Online Certification in Cultural Competency program features seven Quality Interactions eLearning course modules and two recorded master classes with cultural competency experts, Alexander Green, MD, MPH and Joseph Betancourt, MD, MPH. Each of these is accredited by the ACCME for 1 hour of continuing education (CE) credit, for a total of 9 CE credit hours. The program additionally features a directed reading resource, applied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Completing all program components additionally provides 1 CEU from National University.


Program titles include:


  • ResCUE Model™ for Cross-Cultural Clinical Care
  • Recognizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias
  • Improving Adherence in Diverse Populations
  • Creating a Welcoming Environment for LGBTQ Populations
  • Working with Specific Populations: Hispanic/Latino
  • Culturally Competent Care for the Medicare Population
  • Disability Awareness and CUEs for Quality Interactions
  • High-Quality, Person-Centered Care for Patients with Limited English Proficiency, A Master Class Presented by Alexander Green, MD, MPH
  • From Social Determinants to Drivers of Health: Advancing a New Paradigm, A Master Class Presented by Joseph Betancourt, MD, MPH


By completing this learning path, you will attain the certificate National University Certification in Cultural Competency

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